Intocircuit Power Castle 26000mAh

Intocircuit® – Circuit Experts

  • Huge capacity, 26000mAh, provides 1 full charge to most laptops or approximately 12 cycles to most smartphones; Perfect for using on travelling and outdoor activities
  • Brand New AAAA Li-Polymer battery cell ensures reliability and safety; 1000+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery
  • Power conversion: if the output ports, 1*USB(5V 2.1A)+1*DC(12V/4A, 16V/3.5A or 19V/3A), are not connected to any digital device or the connected device is already fully charged, Intocircuit PC26000 will shut down automatically and goes into a sleep mode to conserve power
  • Stylish quality design with aluminum alloy body, safer and more sturdy than plastic
  • Package includes: Intocircuit® PC26000 Battery, 12 connnectors for most laptops, 10 connectors for phones and other devices, 1 DC power wire/ 1 USB spring power wire, 1 18.5V 2A AC Adapter(A full charger only takes 5-6 hours using the provided charger)



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  • Product Description

    Intocircuit® – Circuit Experts



    A Castle of Power: packed with 26000mAh of capacity, this portable power bank is able to charge most phones 12 times, 2-3 full charge for iPad/iPad 2/iPad Air/Mini iPad or a laptop more than once.
    Fashionable, Sturdy, and Durable: featuring brushed aluminum alloy finish, it achieves superb heat dissipation and is well protected against wear and abrasion while exuding glamorous fashion and elegance.
    Ultra-compatibility: complete with USB and voltage-adjustable DC outputs, USB(5V 2.1A)+DC(12V/4A, 16V/3.5A or 19V/3A), it features universal compatibility with most tablet PCs and virtually all USB-compliant devices on the market.

    Compatible Models:
    12V /16V Optional Voltage Compatible With:
    -Smart Phones/iPhones/iPads/Tablets/Digital Cameras/NDS, PSP and Laptops requires 16V output(65w max)
    -Not Compatible with Samsung/Surface Tablets

    Laptop compatibility requirements(All must be met), Please check to ensure compatibility before purchasing:
    1) Voltage input: 11.5-12.5V, 15.5-16.5V or 18.5-19V
    2) Current input: 4A max(12V), 3.5A max(16V), 3A max(19V)
    3) A laptop connector that fits your device’s power input port, see the below detailed tip size(outer x inner diameter in mm)
    A – 6.00*4.25 – Sony VAIO
    B – 6.25*3.00 – Toshiba Satellite A105, M35
    C – 5.50*2.10 – Toshiba T1950, T4700
    D – 4.75*1.70 – ASUS Eee 900, 1000
    E – 5.50*1.70 – Acer Aspire One AO722
    F – 5.50*2.50 – Toshiba Satellite C650, Asus A52
    G – 4.00*1.70 – HP Mini 1000/1100
    H – 5.00*3.25 – Samsung R519 RV510 RV511
    I – 7.40*5.00 – HP Pavilion DV4 / HP G60 / HP Compaq CQ60 / Dell inspiron PA-12 1525
    J – 7.90*5.40 – ThinkPad T60, X60, R60
    K – 3.00*1.00 – Samsung Ultrabook: Chromebook Series 5 7 9
    L – 2.50*0.70 – Asus Eee PC900 PC1000



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